NepQD-Infinity-P1 wins
The 2016 Germany International
iF Industry Design Award

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Efficient fluorescent quantum dots
—the mark material with most possible application foreground
Fluorescent quantum dotsisna nometer-sized semiconductor
particle or semicondu ctornano-crystal particle, it's generally said
the stable,2~20nm sized nanocrystal composed by II-VI group
or III-V group element .

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Initiate quantum dot immunofluorescence POCT
technology application platform in globe

We provide all-round quantum dot coupling and develop
solution of immune chromatography products for client

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NepQD-Infinity-P1 uses quantum dot as mark material, which can
quickly detect out as much as 500 medicine indexes by human body fluid,
intelligent operating system transmits data among mobile phone, Pad,
PC seamlessly, makes medical staff to operate consultation to the
complex scene such as movement, emergency treatment, bedside,
disaster area and others by long-distance, and provides optimal medical
treatment solution.

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All kinds of detection kits (quantum dot immune fluorescence
chromatography) use immune chromatography technology of quantum dot
florescent probe labeling, cooperate NepQD-Infinity-P1 to detect the content
of all kinds of immune proteins in human body samples(whole blood/ plasma/
serum) quantificationally.

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