Company profile

Jiangsu NepQD Co., Ltd. has become multi-field biological product company integrated research and development, production and sales after the development in two years, the predecessor is TAIZHOU NEPTUNUS NANO BIO-MED. SCI. & TECH. CO., LTD. Our company is founded in January 6, 2014, R & D center is in Shenzhen, and has a total area of about 2000 square meter production base in China Medical City , Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province.
Based on new type fluorescent label material— —quantum dot, our company develops medical in vitro diagnostic reagent and fluorescence bioprobe. Our company has professional interdisciplinary, cross-border research and development group, successfully solves the bottleneck problem of large-scale preparation of high fluorescent quantum dot, and produces fluorescent quantum dot with good optical property, high stability, and good biocompatibility, which can replace colloidal gold, organic fluorescent dye and other common label materials. Our company sets up platform of development, techniques of large batch producing of high sensitivity, quantification, rapid determination reagent and high-end digitization interpretation equipment. Overall technical process has independent intellectual property rights.
Company business

In 2015, our company ceremoniously launched an in vitro diagnosis brand— —NepQD, successfully replaces the traditional marking material by fluorescent quantum dot, exploits a series of products with high sensitivity, rapid and quantitative determination. C reactive protein (hypersensitive C R P + conventional C R P), procalcitonin (P C T) assay kit (quantum dot dry immunofluorescence method), in clinical comparative experiments, the detection coincidence rate with international well-known chemiluminescence reagents exceeds 9 8%, C V is really and effectively controlled in less than 15%. In the aspects of detection time, sensitivity, linearity, it is better than the industry standard. At the same time, the world's leading P O C T fluorescence detection platform (NepQD NepQD-Infinity-P1) is launched. The new projects in development are more than 1 0 items. We cherish the brand and forge NepQD brand to famous brand of diagnosis industry in China, and strive to become the leader of next generation rapid quantitative detection technology with high sensitivity in in vitro diagnosis industry chain.