Regarding quantum dot as mark material, it can quickly detect out over 500 medicine indexes by human body fluid, intelligent operating system transmits data among mobile phone, Pad, PC seamlessly, by which medical staff can operate consultation aiming at the complex scene such as movement, emergency treatment, bedside, disaster area and others in long distance, and provide optimal medical treatment solution.


the first analysis meter with fluorescence charge card, multiple quality control, instrument CV<2%;
detecting instrument with quad-core CPU, rapid read, operation, control are all qualified in 3 seconds;
intelligent identification, intelligent detection is solved by one key.
10.1-inch oversized, hypersensitive, HD touch panel, operation is smooth and wet hand and glove mode are supported One-button sleep mode, awakening and dormancy are operated by one finger Thermal printer is built in, and it can support the functions of auto print, manual print, and paper out warning, continuous print Logo light intelligent warning, ready to detect, dispense with waiting
Abundant connectors, optional scanner, barcode input is supported
Auto uploading can be done by WLAN cable connector easily connecting LIS, HIS system
Huge memory space can store and manage hundreds of thousands of detection results
New “Infinity 1.0” intelligent system, bring about the intellectualized revolution of medical equipment
HDMI connector supports enlarge the “Infinity 1.0” system information to larger screen to display in high definition
It is small and exquisite, actually it is a powerful main engine, and connects to keyboard, mouse, touchpad by USB interface, the operation is as free as on PC
1.0 intelligent detection interface, the operation is simpler
Optionall internal battery, over 300-time detections without power are supported
Optional 3G net card, control in cloud anytime and anywhere