Custom-made service:
Depend on the strong research strength of enterprises,on the basis of individual needs of clients,design and production of specific quantum dot and related derivatives(such as albumen,nucleicacid,etal),technique question publicrelation or structure of product technical process and other services can be done,please consultour customer service staff for the details.
Highly-efficient fluorescent quantum dot biological probe coupling kit
Liangdian Company’s D&R team is one that takes famous scientists within the industry as its core and is composed of professional personnel in the biological, chemical, medical testing and other fields. It has accumulated over ten years’ experience of solving bottleneck problems in the various technologies of applying the quantum dot coupling macro-molecule to relevant biological and medical fields, as well as the difficulties in the industrial transition.
In terms of the quantum dot materials, the quantum dot is specially embellished targeting at the requirements on the biological compatibility; meanwhile, the quantum dot’s core-shell structure is upgraded in an innovative way; moreover, the quantum dot’s surface is corrected. Under the precondition of guaranteeing the quantum dot’s biological compatibility, we greatly improve the stability and fluorescence of coupling products and give play to the biggest advantages of quantum dots.
Overall solution to the R & D of accurate, quantitative and lateral chromatography test strips
With the fast development of the POCT industry, an increasing number of people are pay more attention to the tendency of making testing equipment small. As a lateral immuno-chromatography product that determines the quality with fast tests, it has always been one of the main products in the fast check field due to its easy operation, relax restrictions on the environment and flexible testing projects. However, being limited by its accuracy, sensitiveness and qualitative performances, it is mainly used in qualitative or low-sensitive small-quality and semi-quantitative testing projects.
The product of the overall solution to the R&D of lateral chromatography is based on the NOVOQD quantum dots which are unique to our company. Through combining our own experience of developing and research projects, we turn each link in researching and developing quantum dot immuno-chromatography technology into different modules, and provide systematic overall solution in each phase of the R&D. The complete set of technologies, products and services include: quantum dots and coupling kit, optimized material kit of chromatographic test strips, clamping piece and independently researched and developed quantum dot dry fluorescent immunity test equipment. We provide convenience to clients, who focus on new accurate and qualitative test strips, in their efforts to make new products be listed as soon as possible and the upgrading and updating of traditional test strip techniques. It will also greatly reduce the consumption of capital and time.